"Lets Go Clamming!" - Starter Kit for Kids

$85.00 $75.00

Kids Clam Digging Set - Get those kids down in the sand and mud digging away for some steamer clams this summer!

What great fun for the whole family to go shellfishing along the shore and dig up a "feed of clams"

Kids love the excitement of going digging - what a great activity for everyone, really.

Gear up your summer camp or cottage for the grand-kids, the cousins, and all their little friends. 

Comes with:

One 4 - tined kids clam rake/ digger (choice of blue or pink color paint)

One 1/2 Peck roller (choice or red, blue. or white handles)

1  - Plastic Clam Ring

1  Clam Sticker (pink or blue)