Clam Basket - 2 peck/half bushel

$50.00 $45.00

Call it a clam' Roller' a 'Kibben' or a 'Basket' - this will hold and wash your clams in great shape!

Can hold up to 40 lbs of steamer clams.  A '2-Peck' measure is about 24 lbs.

Plastic coated lobster type galvanized wire with 3/4" pex pipe handle and study aluminum clip construction

Also handy in the orchard, garden, laundry, kids rooms  and also for beach-combing!

Comes with a free clam ring AND a GOM clamming sticker!

Dimensions:  15" x 11" x 7", Pex pipe handle is 15" at center

Choice of Blue, Red, or White handle colors