The Maine Clam Gear Co. is an offshoot of our science & seafood company - Gulf of Maine, Inc. that we founded in Pembroke, Maine in 2002. 

As shellfish dealers found it vital to stock quality shellfishing gear for our pool of diggers. Rugged clam forks, sturdy rollers, and working clam rings are the tools of the profession.   As the crew geared up - our volumes of shellfish have increased in a win-win situation.

Word spread that we make great clam gear and soon we were selling to harvesters across Maine and New England.  The gear is also appealing to gardeners, mushroom gatherers, farmers, & florists.  Word of mouth has been our strongest marketing tool.

All of our clamming gear has been field tested in the mud and on the rocky beaches of Maine for many years now.  It survives the methodical, backbreaking cadence of millions of digging strokes by our local clammers, as well as being tossed around in boats and on the backs of pickup trucks en route to a hard days' work. 

We expect you will be pleased with your purchase and be excited to get down onto the beach & digging for clams.  However, if for some reason you'd rather just cut to the chase and buy some steamer clams to eat.......... give us a call and we will be happy to ship some out to you!

Cheers -   Amy, Tim, & the kids