"Lets Go Clamming" - Starter Kit - 6 Tine

$190.00 $180.00

Are you looking to start clam digging or shell fishing?  This is a perfect clam rake for sandier sediments.  Made Austrian steel with a sturdy metal wood handle this rake will last you for years!  Most shellfishermen use the one-peck basket for digging and the two-peck for holding, washing, and consolidating  their catch.  These clam baskets are great for oysters, mussels, sea shells, around the home or in the garden as well - 

PVC plastic ring measure is used to spot check any smaller clams for the legal size of 2 inches or larger.

Decorate your vehicle with our clam stickers too! Choose from pink or blue clammah' stickers.

Comes with:

6 - tine Clam Rake/digger

One Peck Clam Basket

Two Peck/Half Bushel Clam Basket 

Plastic Clam ring, 2" measure

Clammah' stickers - choose pink or blue