Clam Digger Tags

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Tagging of shellfish is a Federal and State requirement for any commercial diggers.

Recreational or personal uses are exempt from these rules.

At Gulf of Maine, Inc. - we print out custom tags for all our diggers - making it easier for them to comply with these regs.

Each digger gets packets of 30 - 100 tags all pre-printed with their NAME and LICENSE #'s.  It makes their job that much easier.

If you would like custom tags printed for your uses - please place an order and let us know your details.

We will be happy to print your own custom digger tags.

Please order in quantities of 50 - 100 - 500 - 1000 - 5000.

We will be sure and give you cost breaks on larger amounts.

All orders get a tag holder with lanyard.  This is a great way to hold your tags on the flats, in the pickup, etc.